Why Mexico? It’s the Spirit.

Tonyia and I are going into the mountains of Northern Mexico September 11-15. Our mission is to encourage local Christians and join with them to share the love of Jesus. We will be working with Jesse Rowe, Christian Partners International and a Mexican fellowship of churches who will host a special children’s night. It will be a kind of a one night Vacation Bible School. We will also visit a Church on Sunday where we visited a couple of years ago as the Lord has directed us back there.

Why Mexmexico girlico? Northern Mexico is an area where there is tension between drug traffickers, Mexican army troops and others. Few US Christians venture into the area. We are going because we feel called and we know there is a special Spiritual hunger in Christians there. Their faith is alive, powerful and sustaining. They are earnestly seeking God through Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit. Our presence encourages them and their fervor lifts us.

We welcome your prayers. Watch this website in the coming days for trip updates and photographs. For more specific information feel free to send me a note: stewilltx@stephenslight.com



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