Tonyia’s Vision


There are four parts to Tonyia’s vision as described above.

The Lord sent Tonyia (my great wife) a vision. He has given her dreams before but she has been praying to receive visions.

Here is her account: Honestly, as I laid in bed I told the Lord, “OK, I understand we all have different gifts and I am not supposed to see visions, I am ok with that Lord.”

It wasn’t long after I finished praying that I received my vision. I was fully awake and aware of what was going on. Please forgive me Jesus for my unbelief!

My vision:

I saw Jesus, his head only, standing behind a purple flag that had gold arrows coming out of every corner. Then I see Jesus, his head only, in a helmet of armor sitting on a horse. I only see the head and partial breast area of the horse. As Jesus is riding the horse, I see flying flames beside the horse,. The flames start off gold colored but then they change to fire red. Jesus is riding this horse, with the flames coming off the sides, as he flies over a city. The last thing is as Jesus looks back, (we) see an outline of a city that is black.

As Jesus is riding over this city, it is assumed that the flames are covering this city and the city is burned down. I don’t see this but that’s what Jesus tells me. He tells me this relates to end times and that it is like Sodom and Gomorrah.

I am in awe of Jesus and HIS love for me/us! He gives us the opportunity NOW to turn to HIM that we might be saved and have NOTHING to fear! He wishes for NO ONE to perish (2 Peter 3:9)and that is my prayer is that I will be used by Him to bring others into His kingdom! Thank you Jesus!!

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  • Diane Spears  says:

    Good to see this on line again. We need to keep each other encouraged as the “days grow darker.” The American government and a significant number of people have gone nuts!

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