Sunday Raices, Kids and Hernandez Church

Sunday, September 13 (photos below too)

Greetings from Mexico

This will be a long note but we have so much to tell about our day, or should I say Jesus’ day!

We get up early in the mornings so we can edit our photos and video to send to you all. So this is how we started our day.  We then left for Raices to attend a church that is at least an hour south of Galeana.


Raices Church

Four months earlier the Lord told Tonyia in a dream to go and deliver a specific message to the Church at Raices. It is a church in a small dusty desert town with a reputation for being rough, but Christ lovers worship there.

Steve and I have been coming to Mexico now for several years and on one of our trips we visited the church in Raices. I tell you this because it is important in relationship to today’s story.

Several months ago the Lord woke me up (Tonyia) and spoke to me vividly about the church in Raices. He gave me a specific word that He wanted me to tell them. I did not know when God would open the door for me to speak His word but I knew it was in His timing.

An amazing thing about Mexico services is that everyone participates. You can read a scripture, sing, pray or whatever God lays on your heart.

We arrived around noon and the church was mostly empty. It was not long though before people start coming and the church was full.  Chuy was asked to share and he had his wife, Karen and Jesse come forward with him. He prayed, sang and gave a word. Then Jesse was asked to come forward with us. Steve gave the word the Lord had laid on his heart about it being time for Mexico to send missionaries to other countries.

I then began to share what the Lord showed me in my vision:  I told them that the Lord had given me a message

Alter at Raices

Many came forward at the alter call, it was a powerful time of prayer in the Holy Spirit.

specifically for this church and I was not sure when the Lord would allow me to come and share, but I knew it was in His time. I told them the Lord wanted them to know that the time is near, He is coming back soon and that he wishes for no one to perish-No Not one, (2 Peter 3:9).  I also told them we have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23) and there is no sin that Jesus will not forgive. He loves you so much that He died a brutal death for you and He wants to set you free from your sin.

I continued, please listen, it is not too late. Do not let Satan lie to you, he only comes to steal, kill and destroy. But Jesus is in control and He has overcome Satan! You are very special and Jesus has something specific planned for each one of you.  This is so important! If you do not  know Jesus please do not leave this place today without receiving him. I then signed a song in Spanish which says though I don’t see your face, I know you are here; though I can’t touch your

face I know you are here. Jesus is real and present!

Jesse preached a word and the anointing of Jesus was on the whole service. The holy spirit was VERY present. Many came to the front and prayed and were moved in the spirit.


Kids at Raices

Everyone including the children take part in the services in Mexico.

Jesse said that he was in awe of how the spirit was so present.  that the service was so smooth and REAL, nothing forced. The Holy Spirit showed up in a mighty way! I can’t even explain the joy that was in that place. Jesus is so awesome!! Thank you for using me Lord!

We did not leave church until around 2:00. Yes Americans, that’s 2 hours of worship lol. It was so spirit filled it didn’t feel like we had been there 2 hours. This is just one reason we love Mexico.

We were very hungry when we left church so we went to a restaurant that was close by. We found out the restaurant is owned by a pastor that Pastor Hernandez knows.  Pastor Hernandez is Chuy and Karen’s Pastor and he went with us to Raices.

We arrived at the restaurant and I was concerned that they may not take the Visa card and we had very few pesos with us. Come to find out the pastor did not charge us for lunch – it was free. Wow! We were a large group and it was a big meal. This is how Christians associate in Mexico. They try and help each other. What a concept.


Team at Raices

Jesse, Steve and Tonyia were part of the service.

We made it back to Galeana around 3:30 just in time to have the childrens event. We cooked hot dogs, handed out the kids bags which had a New Testament/Proverbs/Psalms Bible and I signed a Spanish song. After about an hour and half, we needed to leave to go to Pastor Hernandez’s church service in Galeana.  Karen and Chuy finished up the children’s event and then came to the church. Karen said they ended up with about 30 kids. There were 17  kids that were saved and wrote their names in a “Book of Life”.  Praise you Jesus!! The kids and families were asking for another event on Monday. Yes Lord so much work we want to do for you but we know it must be your will!

Around 5:00 we headed to Pastor Hernandez’s church. Along with others at the church that read scripture or sang,  Steve shared a word and I signed a Spanish song. It was a great time of worship. We handed out many of the Spanish Bibles that Pastor Pablo from the States had given us. What a blessing!!

We left Pastor Hernandez’s church and headed about 15 mins south to La Poza for a revival.  The revival started around 8:00 pm. We were thankful to be there because many needed Bibles and we were able to hand out the rest of the Spanish Bibles we had. Unfortunately, we still had people asking for a Bible but we ran out. Another need Lord!

It was very cool, rainy, windy and even though the event had a cover it was outside. Even with the weather conditions, we saw many brothers and sisters in Christ that had come from hours away.

We stayed there until around 10:00  and we were so cold we decided to go back to the house. The temperature gauge in the car showed 55 degrees. All in the name of Jesus!

We are so thankful to have this time to share the love of Jesus. It is always too short!

I apologize for getting the note out late for yesterday, as you see we have been busy for the Lord. I will send another email for todays events.

Bless you all in the name of Jesus!

Steve and Tonyia


Raices park

The entry to the central park in Raices.

street scene Raices

Typical street in the small desert town of Raices



The mountains are always a beautiful sight.
Joshua Trees

The Joshua trees we saw on the way to Raices in the desert were interesting.

 Tonyia Signs

Tonyia using sign language to Spanish song with the kids.
Tonyia signs with kids.

Tonyia signs with kids.

Kid's Games

The kids had fun with the games.

Kid photos

Just for fun our group took some special photos of the kids.

Hernandez's Church

Pastor Hernandez’s church is typical of the small churches we visited.

Jesse at alter

The time of prayer at the alter is always powerful.

Hernandez family

Pastor Hernandez and his family in front of his church.

Martin and family

Martin and his family. He was our interpreter.



Martin shared his testimony at the revival Sunday night.



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  • Diane Spears  says:

    Your trip sounds like success for eternal results. Truman and I will always remember our trip with Jesse in 2002. The road to Mimbres is memorable, isn’t it? I have some similar photos–some in my head. Glad you are back safely.

    • admin  says:

      Thank you for the comment. The folks in Mimbres are just great.

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