Mimbres, Mountains and Art

September 15

Hola from Mexico (photos below also)

Mountain Scene

The views on the mountain road to Mimbres are breath taking.

It is difficult sometimes to actually make plans because of the weather and things just come up. We had planned to go towards Zaragosa but there has been alot of rain and the road may not be good. Actually “good” roads in Mexico’s mountains are sometimes hard to find. But when it rains the “good” roads become even worse so we decided to go visit friends in Mimbres.

Mimbres is about 30 miles away but it is a mountainous drive which can take 1 1/2 to 2 hours. They had also received rain but the workers had been doing some maintenance on the roads. The drive was just beautiful. Even though the road was dirt and bumpy at times, the views just took our breath away.



Petra’s meal was one of the best we had in Mexico.

As we reached the home of Pastor Chuy and Petra, she prepared an amazing meal for us. This is the custom in Mexico when you visit someones home, the wife cooks a meal.  The meal is usually refried  beans, homemade tortillas, sometimes eggs, sometimes chicken, avocado and instant coffee. Petra cooked Mola (spelling?)-a non-sweet chocolate type sauce that goes over chicken. She also had rice, homemade corn tortillas, refried beans and avocado. It was delicious!!

After eating, Pastor Jose pulled out his guitar and we had a time of worship right there in the kitchen. They then showed us the plaques they are making from hand hewn wood that Jose cuts himself. They add Petra’s flower drawings and a Bible verse. Beautiful handiwork for the Lord! They presented one of the

Hand made wood plaque

Chuy and Perta make beautiful plaques. He prepares the wood and she draws the flowers.

plaques they had made to Steve and I. They told us they only give them out to their friends. It was all we could do to contain our emotions. The love of Jesus pours out of these two in a special way and we love them dearly.

Once we visited for a while and we took photos, Pastor Jose asked if we would go see his uncle who lived about a mile away. Of course we went. What a sweet couple. Ramon, 86, was putting a saddle on his burro when we arrived. He asked if any of us wanted to ride. I (Tonyia) said yes.  So I got on the burro and Petra walked me around. The burro was so low to the ground I could almost touch from side to side. It was fun and they enjoyed watching me.

We then went inside the home and Alicia had wood going in the stove because it is so far up in the mountains the air was chilly. It felt good to come inside. Alicia is a small woman with a vibrant spirit. They showed us the apples that he harvested from his orchard. He had them in hand hewn

Ramon and Alicia

Ramon, age 86 and Alicia still live on their ranch and raise apples and corn.

wooden crates so he could take them to town to sell. Alicia made coffee and offered cookies. We had just eaten and informed her there was no need for her to cook.


We had to cut our visit short because we were expected at Pastor Israels home around 6:00. In Mexico time if you set a time to be at someones home, they don’t seem to worry if your aren’t on time. If you show up within the hour of the time expected, you are on time. We arrived around 6:30 and what a joy it was to see both of them again. Israel is the Pastor for the Assembly of God church in Galeana. He is a very knowledgeable Pastor and has a heart for serving the Lord and a strong understanding for history.

We visited while we ate fried chicken, fried potatoes, homemade tortillas and avocado. Pastor Israel told us some history of Christians in Mexico. He emphasized how important it was to have missionaries

Pastor Israel, wife

Pastor Israel and his wife are great workers for the Lord in Galeana.

come. “My faith in the Lord was started by a missionary and now I am a pastor,” he said. I told them we could not afford to eat like this every day, I would be as big as a cow. It was so good and tasty!!

We left soon after eating because we had to begin gathering our belongings to leave early  in the morning . We had a long drive ahead of us. It would be hard to leave!

We arrived in Ennis, around 9:30 pm, 15 hours from when we left. There was an accident on I-35 by San Antonio which caused us to sit in traffic. We were just happy when we made it home safely. We had driven over 1300 miles.

Even though it was very dark we could see the work our daughter Maigen and son in law Chris did around our place in Ennis. WOW! They trimmed trees, removed dead trees, repaired the gazebo, fixed a pad for the car to drive on and dug holes around the house for the foundation people to see what needs to be repaired. Beyond grateful!! We told them we needed to go away more often. lol

We took so many photos and videos that we could not share them all. We will place them in a folder on Steve’s website if you wish to view them.

We have so much to be thankful for!! Jesus please keep us humble and open to whatever you have in store for our lives.

Bless you all in the name of Jesus

Stephen and Tonyia

dirt road to Mimbres

The dirt road to Mimbres winds through the mountains and small corn patches are common.


Mountain Scene

The scenery on the road to Mimbres is breath taking.

Road workers

Workers were repairing some of the sections of road.

Man on Donkey

A fellow traveler and his donkey make his way along the road.

Two wheel cart

Chuy in Mimbres builds these two wheel wooden carts.

Tonyia on donkey

Tonyia rode this small donkey.

Tonyia and donkey

Tonyia’s donkey friend.

Wooden apple boxes

Ramon used hand made apple crates to get his apples to market.


Small corn field

The corn fields in the mountains are small.

 GaleanaGaleana is in a valley between two huge mountains.

Jesse's home

Jesse Rowe, Chuy, Karen and their two year old live in a comfortable house.


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