From the Border to Galeana

Friday, September 11, 2015

Jesse, the missionary we work with in Mexico, met us in McAllen and drove his vehicle back across the border. We followed him to Galeana after crossing the border this morning around 10:30.

at border

Steve and Jesse at border.

We prayed for a smooth border crossing but we got pulled aside. We were concerned what was coming next but we know who is in total control, that’s right Jesus!!

The female official asked us to open the back of our vehicle. Steve then opened the back and she looked at most of the luggage. We had one suitcase full of gifts that we would hand out for the children. Once she opened this piece of luggage and Steve told her what it was for, she sent us on to the visa office.

With a visa in hand, we headed over to Pastor Sergio and Soccor’s home, who live in Reynosa. Pastor Sergio has an amazing testimony, he was saved from drugs and alcohol its a story we will have to share another time.

He has not been well now for many years. He has a tumor behind his eye which effects his vision among other areas of his body. As we met at his home (see photo), the holy spirit was powerfully present and we had a great time of prayer, worship and fellowship.

As we left the border heading towards Galeana it was 98 degrees. It is about a 5 hour drive Southwest.

It was an eventful trip. An 18 wheeler directly in front of us blew a tire. It was soooo loud, I thought we had been shot. It was pretty funny as it scared us both.

We continued down the road from desert to orange tree groves and finally into the high Sierra Madre mountains. Before our final descent we stopped in Linares at a store to get some groceries. We bought over 200 hot dogs for the children’s event we are having Saturday and Sunday night.

The trip from Linares to Galeana is not that far in miles but it is a treacherous mountain two lane road. There are over 150 curves and we weren’t able to get our speed above 30. Along the way we saw two vehicle accidents and a donkey on the road.

No one was hurt from either accident but it was a miracle. One vehicle was turned upside down and the other ran off the mountain. There had been some showers so the road was slick causing the accidents.

When we arrived in Galeana it was raining so we were very thankful to be off the mountain. It was only 69 degrees.

We prayed with Chuy and Karen, the young couple who are hosting the event. They are on fire for the Kingdom. We have really seen them grow in the Lord. Blessings to you all as we ask for continued prayer.

Praying for pastor Sergio

Praying for pastor Sergio

Karen, Chuy and Jamie

Karen, Chuy and Jamie

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