Christians Come Together for Texas Refugees

Baptist and Catholics working on the same project? In fact the broad Christian community in McAllen have rallied together to provide the immediate needs for thousands of central Americans who have come into their midst. Several of the local groups have banded together to form a special website. It is set up to help coordinate volunteers and donations: The South Texas Refugees Response 


Children and Mom’s receiving help from volunteers.

Listed on the site is the Calvary Baptist Church, Catholic Charities, The Salvation Army,  The Rio Grand Valley Food Bank, The City of McAllen and the United Way. There is also a donate button that takes you to a page where you can choose between three monetary donation options. There is also contact information in the event you want to show up to help.

I know there are several other local churches helping too. I talked with a member of the Family Church in McAllen and she said they have been working at the bus station along with the Catholic Church that is close to the station from the beginning.

Helping these folks is controversial and I ran across a posting on the Biblical Recorder that captured my position, here is an exert:

“The gospel of Jesus Christ moves me to call on all of us to demonstrate compassionate action toward the immigrant. In this humanitarian crisis on the border of Texas, the children need immediate attention that elevates their health and safety above all. From my point of view, the children must become our number one priority.

“These children are someone’s children and someone’s grandchildren. They are people, real people. Their parents, along with other children who are crossing our unprotected borders, are trying to better their lives and futures.

“Yes, they should respect the rule of law, but now that they are here, we need to respect the God-given dignity of each of them.

“I love all people. We are called upon by the Lord to extend compassionate action toward all people, pointing them to the one true hope for their lives: a personal relationship and fellowship with Jesus Christ. He alone is the greatest hope we can provide them.

“Their long-term future in our nation is a political issue.”

God bless,


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