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Why Do They Reject Him?

Why oh Lord do the people reject your righteous one? They seek their own pleasures in the gods of this world. They chase after money and cast it toward the wicked.

They insult your people and they toss out the servants of your kingdom. They deny your power even as you show them your might in your works all around them.

You give us the secret to life abundant now and perfect life beyond the veil of death in the word...

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Salvation Prayer

Jesus I acknowledge You as the only source of my salvation. I am sorry for I have sinned before you. I fall in obedience at the foot of Your cross, take my life and make it Yours. Holy Spirit enable me to walk with Jesus for the glory of God the father.

Father You have shown us your perfect law, yet I know myself as a violator of your statures. We have your Scriptures; your Holy Book is available in our churches, stores, libraries and even in our homes...

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Repentance Prayer

LORD we cry out to you as we have fallen so far from your Holy presence. The world of our generation is a total mess. Violence, perversion, lies, slander, abuse, arrogance and irreverence permeate our society. Darkness is upon us, our struggle is beyond our control.

We acknowledge our sin and our helplessness to control it. We know in our heart that only the light of Jesus’ grace can save us. We are so sorry for how far we have fallen...

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Holy Spirit

Forgive us Lord, we have not responded to the Holy Spirit’s prodding at every turn. We Christians have been given this helper, but our fallen flesh has battled His instruction and too often carried the day. We recognize this weakness and we commit our souls to Your leading.

Upon our rebirth you blessed us with gifts and we will pursue maturity and understanding within these presents to fulfill your intent for our lives to glorify the Father.

Guide us Holy Spirit, lead us in the ways of Jesus i...

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