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It’s Jesus

  • Tired of evil? Look to Jesus
  • Tired of lies? Listen to Jesus
  • Tired of politics? Go with Jesus
  • Tired of media? Change to Jesus
  • Want goodness? Follow Jesus
  • Want truth? Follow Jesus
  • Want leadership? Follow Jesus
  • Want reality? Follow Jesus


  • Who? Jesus
  • What? God
  • Where? Everywhere
  • When? Now
  • How? Prayer
  • Cost? Everything
  • Return? Life
  • Reward? Peace
  • Duty? Share
  • Others? Love
  • Grow? Bible
  • Strength? Holy Spirit
  • Destination? Paradise
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Why Do They Reject Him?

Why oh Lord do the people reject your righteous one? They seek their own pleasures in the gods of this world. They chase after money and cast it toward the wicked.

They insult your people and they toss out the servants of your kingdom. They deny your power even as you show them your might in your works all around them.

You give us the secret to life abundant now and perfect life beyond the veil of death in the word...

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Send Me?


I saw a sick man, where are you Lord
I saw a hungry man, where are you Lord
I saw a man behind bars, where are you Lord
I saw a blind man, where are you Lord
I saw an orphan child, where are you Lord

I heard the voice of the Lord, saying: “Whom can I send,”
I said send me,

God said “I tried.”

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Glen Taylor

December 2012

  • Thank you Lord for Glen Taylor
  • For a life well lived for you
  • For a gentle presence with a strong spirit
  • For his kind smile and his dry wit
  •  Thank you Jesus for Glen Taylor
  • He was Your man loaned to us for a while
  • He was borrowed as Betty’s husband for a time
  • He was alien to this world, but served as a husband, father and friend
  •  Thank you Holy Spirit for Glen Taylor
  • His unique light was a reflection of his special mission
  • His remarkable life was a gift shaped by grace
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