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Here is our Mexico Mission Adventure in 2 Minutes

Check out this short 2 minute video from our Mexico mission adventure.


Also its on YouTube:

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Mimbres, Mountains and Art

September 15

Hola from Mexico (photos below also)

Mountain Scene

The views on the mountain road to Mimbres are breath taking.

It is difficult sometimes to actually make plans because of the weather and things just come up. We had planned to go towards Zaragosa but there has been alot of rain and the road may not be good. Actually “good” roads in Mexico’s mountains are sometimes hard to find. But when it rains the “good” roads become even worse so we decided to go visit friends in Mimbres.

Mimbres is about 30 m...

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Sunday Raices, Kids and Hernandez Church

Sunday, September 13 (photos below too)

Greetings from Mexico

This will be a long note but we have so much to tell about our day, or should I say Jesus’ day!

We get up early in the mornings so we can edit our photos and video to send to you all. So this is how we started our day.  We then left for Raices to attend a church that is at least an hour south of Galeana.

Raices Church

Four months earlier the Lord told Tonyia in a dream to go and deliver a specific message to the Church at Raices...

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Mexico Kids Day

Saturday, September 12

Day 2 of our time in Mexico wrapped up to be an Awesome day for the Lord!!

We started our morning off preparing things for the event: sound equipment, putting up tarps and making sure we had the bags to hand out for the kids.

Boy Smiling

This boys smile shows the joy these kids have in their hearts.The event started at 4 pm and the Lord decided it needed to rain. It began raining around 3 and we only had short times of no rain. But we did not let that stop us, the Lord had work to do!

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From the Border to Galeana

Friday, September 11, 2015

Jesse, the missionary we work with in Mexico, met us in McAllen and drove his vehicle back across the border. We followed him to Galeana after crossing the border this morning around 10:30.

at border

Steve and Jesse at border.

We prayed for a smooth border crossing but we got pulled aside. We were concerned what was coming next but we know who is in total control, that’s right Jesus!!

The female official asked us to open the back of our vehicle...

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Why Mexico? It’s the Spirit.

Tonyia and I are going into the mountains of Northern Mexico September 11-15. Our mission is to encourage local Christians and join with them to share the love of Jesus. We will be working with Jesse Rowe, Christian Partners International and a Mexican fellowship of churches who will host a special children’s night. It will be a kind of a one night Vacation Bible School. We will also visit a Church on Sunday where we visited a couple of years ago as the Lord has directed us back there.

Why Me...

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